The Parallel Apartments

The Vision

A Community Designed with You in Mind

Inspired by the energy and connection of our location, The Parallel is designed to foster a sense of community and connection through smart design details and thoughtful amenity programming.





|| FUN

You’ll find genuine passion and heart for many things here: culture, friends, technology, food, recreation – anything that stirs the senses.

We’re a community that’s friendly, social, inviting. All are welcome. We’re approachable and warm – you know, human. We believe life is better shared.

We are unique and stylish. In a sea of sameness, we like to stand out. We know good, smart design when we see it. We like to showcase our personality and uniqueness.

We’re rooted in our surroundings. We only know how to be ourselves: humble, excited, true to what we love. We believe in being open and real, never canned.

We want to explore, wonder, learn and enjoy. There’s an undeniable energy and spark here. There’s always something going on. It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s never boring.